Rural Ministries

Mrs. Rachel Street, one of our members here at Millom Baptist Church for many years, has been very kindly sponsored by Rural Ministries to go to college as a ‘Minister in Training’.  Rachel has been formally offered a place as a Minister in Training (MiT) with Northern Baptist College (NBC). The offer is for a three-year course of formation starting on 17th  September 2018.

Since our last Minister retired, Rachel has been our ‘pastoral leader’ and has been filling the pulpit each Sunday from within our own fellowship and also with visiting speakers.

Rachel herself has been preaching for numerous years now, at Millom Baptist Church & other local churches in the area and has also led the worship/music team for the same amount of years.  We at Millom Baptist Church, wish Rachel many blessings as she follows this path into Ministry, following in both her fathers & her grandfather’s footsteps.

We are very happy that Millom Baptist Church has been accepted into  a partnership with the Rural Ministries team – we are now working along side them and are very excited for our future.